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American  Veterans 
 Homefront  Initiative

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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The American Veterans 
Homefront Initiative 
call-to-action outlines three clear goals and asks that the current Biden-Haris administration and U.S. Congress take swift and bold actions to help deported American Veterans who have served their country proudly. 

we ask respectfully to 

  • Implement, streamline the process for service members and Veterans to become citizens immediately. ​
  • Halt deportation of American Veterans. 
  • Pardon all American Veterans who have been deported and bring them home.  

Walk The Line 

The Inaugural event, "Walk the Line," a march to bring our deported Veterans home, started Monday, June 28th, 2021 in San Diego, CA. The walk will cross California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. It will end on August 11, 2021, near Brownsville, TX!

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Meeting with deported American Veterans 

On this day Ramon Castro spoke with several American Veterans on their stories of service, deportation, and their current lives. 

An example of a deported American Veteran is that of Jose Camacho, who Ramon had previously met prior to reaching the city of Juarez, Mexico. Jose Camacho, has been denied entry into the United States as he has been seeking medical attention from the VA after serving in the U.S. Army. 

The Reality is that today's Veterans who were legal residents but not U.S. Citizens are sadly being deported back to their respective countries. Although there was a recent order announced by the Biden Administration earlier this month --- this still falls short as the U.S. government does not havre a policy in place to expedite citizenship for Service Members or Veterans. 

Reaching the Milestone


Many thought it couldn't be done, but the inaugural "Walk the Line" march that former Marine and City of Brawley Council-member, Ramon Castro, embarked on to bring awareness to deported Veterans started Monday, June 28th 2021, in San Diego CA. Texas was the final destination point for Castro , who's looking at making officials in Washington DC and the White House take a second look at how U.S. Veterans are being treated after they finish their line of duty. 


"I Hope that this day signifies the beginning of a strong movement. To fix what is wrong with our Veteran Community and it's not just that Veterans are being deported, they are also being neglected across the border. Especially, as we age we have suicide rates on average of 22 a day,We have an increasing homeless Veteran population, and mental / physical illness are very common.... we have a lot to accomplish still. This is the beginning."

                                            - Ramon Castro